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What's Happening at the Park 

Softball Signups! Saturday January 18th 10 am-2:00 pm & Saturday Janauary 25th 10 am -2pm. Park Fair Mall  100 E Euclid Des Moines, IA 50313

East doors Next to Fareway! Ages 3 & 4 Bam Bam Boys and Girls,  ages 5-18 Softball Girls ONLY!


Board positions open for the next two seasons! 1st Vice President Assistant, 2nd Vice President, 2nd Vice President Assistant, Chief Umpire, Bam Bam Coordinator, Bam Bam Assistant, Fundraiser Manager, Picture Manager, Concession Manager, Concession Manager Assistant, Park Maintenance Assistant, Chief Playing Agent, Coaching Facilitator, Secretary. These are the open positions we have available. What volunteer position would you like to offer your talents to? Elections are done during open ceremonies tomorrow evening Wednesday May 8, 2019 at 6pm!


2019 season is almost upon us! Looking forward to a great season of Softball! Website is in the process of being updated!!

BAM Bam is $25.00 no buyout needed for this division! Age up to 5! Parent participation is required.

Pee Wee is ages 5-6/7 and cost is $60/player or $90 if not selling candy bars.

Pixie is ages 7-8/9 and cost is $60/player or $90 if not selling candy bars.

Petite is ages 8/9-11 and cost is $75/player or $105 if not selling candy bars.

Jr/intermediate is ages 11 and up and cost is $75.00/ player or $105 if not selling candy bars.

Each box of candy bars is $60.00 of which our league makes $30.00 from each sold, hence why the buyout is $30.00 if choosing to not sell candy.

We also have a family maximum of $225.00 but  note if you have multiple children playing you need to sell candy bars in relation to the number of players. Candy bars will be given one box at a time unless prepaid for. At no time will anyone be given more than one box without prepayment.

Any questions: send to or post on the Facebook page!

Let’s play some ball!!

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North Des Moines Girls Softball would like to Thank our Amazing Sponsors for all they do for us!

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    To educate and encourage girls in outdoor recreation and athletics, regardless of race, creed or national orgin; to teach sportsmanship; to teach and tutor girls in the physical education and mental coordination of the game of softball and the importance of rules and team participation; and to develop interest in softball in children of both sexes and ages.

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